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At Les Verts Living, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and growing support.  Our industry leading GrowHow means that you can be confident in getting the results you want with each and every planting. We are here to help – if you have any questions along your growing journey, contact us.


About Hydroponics

What is hydroponics?

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  • Hydroponics is a way to grow plants without soil, by using water-based mineral nutrient solutions.

What’s the difference between hydroponics and vertical farming?

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  • Hydroponics refers to the way to grow plants using a water-based nutrient solution while vertical farming refers to the arrangement of growing areas within a growing system. Vertical farming uses a tiered approach to growing areas to optimize space and is a common arrangement for indoor growing systems.
  • Not all vertical farming systems are hydroponic and not all hydroponic systems are vertical.

Is hydroponically-grown food considered organic?

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  • In Canada, the definition of organic requires the produce to be grown in soil. Hydroponically-grown produce (meaning the plants are grown in a water-based nutrient solution and not in soil) is technically not allowed to be labeled as organic.

Is hydroponic healthier than organic?

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  • The fertilizers used in hydroponics are much purer than those utilized in organic growing, and they also leave no residue in cultivated produce. The result is that more people can be fed, less precious natural resources are used, and the produce is much healthier and flavorful.

What are the benefits of growing hydroponically indoors?

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  • Compared to field production (growing in soil), most hydroponic systems are spray-free (meaning they don’t use any pesticides); use about 75% less fertilizer to provide the nutrients to the plants; and are much more water efficient (up to 95% less water).
  • Plus, growing indoors means you don’t have wildlife or livestock (a potential source of bacteria) impacting the crop.

Are hydroponically grown crops more nutritious?

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  • In-house studies conducted by Les Verts Living showed that for nearly each of the key minerals, our hydroponically grown lettuce consistently had 1.5 – 2X higher concentrations of key minerals like zinc and magnesium. Zn enhancement has recently gained importance in world food efforts to improve vision in children.

Is hydroponic vertical farming more sustainable?

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  • Vertical farming allows year-round food production without loss of yields due to climate change or weather-related events.
  • The vertical integration of plants allows farmers to optimize the total space usage of their growth area, making it possible for farmers to reduce their land use by up to 90-99% while also increasing productivity.
  • Hydroponic farming has the potential to provide fresh, local food for areas with extreme droughts and low soil quality, where access to leafy green vegetables is often limited. The Les Verts Terrace Pro uses 90% less water and 75% less fertilizer than conventional soil-based farming, and no use of pesticides or sprays.


All About Greens

What is Living Lettuce?

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  • Living Lettuce plants retain both the leaves and roots throughout the harvest process. As a result, Living Lettuce tends to offer a much longer shelf-life and fresher, more nutritious leaves compared to conventionally harvested lettuce.

What are Microgreens?

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  • Microgreens are vegetable greens that are harvested at the earliest stage of growth. They are a smart way to deliver a nutritious and flavourful punch to any meal – use them in salads and sandwiches, or as a garnish on soup, pizza and other dishes.

What’s the difference between baby leaf and baby greens?

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  • Baby leaf typically refers to specific varieties of lettuce that are selected to taste great when harvested at an immature stage. They make the perfect base for a beautiful and nutrient-packed salad.
  • Baby greens are usually a mixture of non-lettuce vegetable greens that make a great addition to salads, sandwiches, bowls and pizzas. They are typically a bit spicier than baby leaf mixes and can have a broad range of flavors and textures.

What makes your baby greens so zesty?

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  • The mix of mustards (red and green) within the baby greens mix adds the spiciness to the blend.
  • Our proprietary lights and suggested plant nutrient regimen bring out the flavors so you can enjoy zesty greens with each and every planting.


How to Manage Pests?

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  • One of the many benefits of indoor growing is the reduction in pests.
  • While any growing system is prone to insect pests (they love delicious greens too!), growing indoors greatly reduces the number of insect pests you may need to manage.
  • Most indoor growers manage pests with the following spray-free methods:
    • Reducing the number of people that enter your growing facility.
    • Growing plants from seed and not introducing foreign plants in your growing operation.
    • Limiting the time that windows or doors are open or ensuring windows and doors have adequate insect screens.
    • Placing sticky insect traps throughout your growing area can catch unwanted pests.

Should I be concerned with listeria or other pathogens?

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  • Pathogens can occur in any growing system – indoor or outdoor. Because the Les Verts Terrace Pro does not use soil or animal manures to grow crops, exposure to Listeria, E. Coli and other pathogens that can be found in field-grown lettuce is minimal.
  • To reduce the development of other fungal pathogens like grey mould and Fusarium that may affect your crop – we recommend you adhere to the Les Verts plant spacing instructions and routine cleaning procedures.
  • When you’re ready to consume your greens, the easiest way to clean them is to agitate and soak them in a large quantity of water, drain properly and enjoy.

Can I grow cannabis?

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  • Our expertise is in leafy greens, including the custom light spectrum and specially formulated nutrient blends. However, we’ve designed our system to be flexible, with adjustable heights and an open layout grow area to accommodate whatever you want to grow. While our light spectrum is custom, the light structure itself is relatively standard so if you have your own lights you may be able to replace them as well.

Importance of EC and pH in Hydroponics

Why should I be monitoring EC in my hydroponic system? Is it important?

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EC stands for electrical conductivity, and it’s seen as a measure of the total amount of food available to your plants. Measuring the EC of your nutrient solution will give you an idea of the overall amount of ionic content – or nutrients – currently available to your plants and let you know if you need to add more nutrients to the solution or add more water.  Having the correct EC range is important for optimizing your plant growth, nutrition and flavor.

How do I measure EC in my hydroponic system?

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Place the probe of your EC Meter into the nutrient solution reservoir and check the EC level reading. For the Terrace Pro system of plant nutrients, optimal EC range is between 1.6-2.2 mS/cm (ideal number is 1.78 mS/cm). If your EC is outside of range, wait 10 minutes, mix thoroughly and take another reading.

How often should I be checking the EC of the Nutrient Solution?

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EC should be monitored each time you are adjusting the water volume in your nutrient solution – and will vary depending on your growing conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). To optimize performance, you should be monitoring EC weekly at minimum.

What is the risk in having too high an EC?

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There may be a temptation to simply feed your plants as much as possible so that they always have nutrients available, but this can have negative results. Plants have a preferred EC range in which they can achieve optimal health. Many plants suffer from having too much nutrient available and may exhibit stress through colour changes or browning of leaf tips and margins. In fact, when your EC is extremely high, plants stop being able to take up enough water.

Why should I be monitoring pH in my hydroponic system? Is it important?

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EC isn’t the only fundamental you should be tracking. While it’s important to ensure that your plants always have access to the right amount of food, the pH of your root zone or nutrient solution will affect your plants’ ability to absorb that food.

pH, which stands for potential Hydrogen, is a scale used to determine the acidity or basicity of a solution or substance – in this case, your hydroponic solution or your soil. While your nutrients are the food that plants need to grow, pH acts like a key, unlocking those nutrients so that they actually become available to your plants.

Ultimately, the pH of your nutrient solution and root zone affects your plants’ ability to get the nutrients they need. Try to aim for what is known as the ‘sweet spot’ for your chosen growing method. For hydroponics, your nutrient solution should be within the 5.5-6.5 pH range.


Plant Nutrients

What is the Greens Growth Formula?

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  • Balanced plant nutrition is important for any crop to thrive. We provide a 3-part Greens Growth Formula package and instructions on use. This balanced nutrition approach ensures your plants have sufficient levels of important nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium and iron to grow and thrive, ensuring that you get a nutritious and delicious harvest!

What’s in the Greens Growth Formula?

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  • Each Greens Growth Formula is sourced from leading plant nutrient (also called “fertilizer”) manufacturers and are made to the high-quality standards demanded by greenhouse and indoor growers. These water-soluble fertilizers ensure that plants get the nutrients they need while growing in our indoor system while minimizing environmental issues associated with fertilizer run-off common in field grown produce.

Is the Greens Growth Formula Safe to Use?

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  • The Greens Growth Formula are not chemicals, they are plant nutrients (commonly referred to ) that are used in hydroponic systems and are required by plants to effectively and efficiently reach their yield potential. Vegetable crops are heavy feeders and consistent, even delivery of nutrients offered by synthetic water-soluble fertilizers optimizes nutrient uptake, use and efficiency.
  • The Greens Growth Formula, like all plant nutrients, are not to be taken internally and should be kept out of reach of children or pets. At Les Verts, we source our plant nutrients from the world’s leading nutrient manufacturers and each meet the high quality standards needed for greenhouse production – meaning that they meet or exceed standards for heavy metals, contaminants, etc.

Do I have to use Greens Growth Formula? Can I use my own nutrient blend?

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  • Greens Growth Formula has been specially formulated to provide the optimal balance of nutrients for lettuce, leafy greens and herbs to promote quality, taste, appearance and healthy growth.
  • All plants require a combination of 16 essential nutrients to grow and thrive and reach their full growth potential. Supplemental plant nutrients are often recommended to optimize production in hydroponic systems as water alone may not suffice.
  • Our system is compatible with other hydroponic suitable fertilizers (water soluble). Please follow manufacturer label instructions.


Where do you source your seeds?

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  • We source our seeds from North America’s leading vegetable seed companies. We ensure that seeds are high quality and that each seed type is tested in our indoor farming environment to ensure it will perform well in yours.

Are your seeds organic? Are the GMO-free?

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  • At this time, the seed products being offered by Les Verts Living are not organic.
  • Crops grown hydroponically in Canada cannot receive organic certification.
  • Internal trials have not suggested any improved performance from organic seeds.
  • The additional cost of the seed is not justified as the plants cannot be considered organic when grown in a hydroponic system.
  • All of the seeds provided by Les Verts Living are GMO-free.

What is a “curated list of seeds”?

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  • Each plant variety or seed blend is first vetted by us at our research facility to ensure it performs well in the Les Verts Terrace Pro. Only the highest quality seeds that are proven performers are offered to our customers.
  • We source our seed from North America’s leading vegetable and herb seed companies.
  • In addition, each variety or blend is vetted by our panel of foodie friends for flavor and texture. Only the best tasting varieties make it through our vetting process.

In addition to the seed products you provide, can I grow other crops and varieties?

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  • You bet! The Les Verts Terrace Pro offers customers the flexibility to grow their own varieties and crops. Compact varieties will work best (plants shouldn’t exceed 18 inches in height at maturity – see your seed package for height information).

Can you use your own seeds in the Les Verts Terrace Pro?

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  • You can. Our system offers growers the flexibility to use their own seeds.
  • To optimize your planting cycles, refer to the variety days to maturity as well.
  • For the best success, we suggest you contact us before planting – just to be sure that the crop you are intending to grow fits with the growing system.
  • As we expand our seed product offering, look to Les Verts for other popular vegetable crops like peppers and tomatoes in the near future.


Do I need artificial light to grow Les Verts Living greens?

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  • Most indoor leafy green growing requires supplemental artificial light. To be sure your plants grow properly and deliver the produce quality you are looking for, each one of our Les Verts Living Grow Kits features an industry-leading Grow Light and Light Stand.
  • A specially designed grow light means you can keep growing all year-round – no sunlight required.

Why are your lights slightly purple?

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  • Our custom LED lights were developed over many years to optimize the growth, taste, appearance and quality of leafy greens, while ensuring that the visible light that you see works well in any living space. The blues and reds in the light spectrum provide precisely what the plants need to grow healthy and happy, and this produces a slight purple tinge in the visible light that you see.

Growing Media

What is the grow media you’re using?

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  • Les Verts Terrace Pro features industry leading stone wool growing media made by Grodan. Grodan stone wool substrates are made from basalt rock that is processed at a very high temperature. Stone wool, also known as rockwool or mineral wool, is a type of soilless, inert growing media ideally suited to indoor cultivation of all plants.
  • We have selected this growing media for the following benefits:
    • Uniform Growing – Stone wool provides consistent growing conditions with excellent root zone properties.
    • Water use efficiency – Stone wool is specifically designed to optimize moisture levels in the root zone.
    • Clean and versatile – easy to use in hydroponic systems, stone wool tends to not shed and affect pumps, piping, etc.
    • A bountiful natural resource – you may not think it, but stone is created each year through volcanic activity.
    • Grodan stone wool can be recycled. Grodan has partnered with agricultural recycling solutions suppliers to offer stone wool recycling/composting solution.


What makes the Terrace Pro greens so fresh?

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  • Common varieties are grown for ease of transport and disease resistance, not for nutritional content.
  • Grown for taste, not for storage.
    • Most of the lettuce you’ll find in your local grocery store was grown thousands of miles away. Common varieties are selected for their ability to be stored for long periods of time, not for taste, texture or other delicious features. By the time you bring it home, the lettuce is often bland and wilting.
    • Our curated seeds and seed mixes are selected to delight the palette, bringing freshness, flavour and nutrition that you can’t find elsewhere.

What gives the greens from the Terrace Pro so much flavour?

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  • The lettuce varieties commonly found in grocery stores (such as iceberg and romaine), are primarily chosen for their durability during transportation and extended shelf life, sacrificing their taste in the process. They don’t necessarily taste unpleasant, but they often lack any distinctive flavour or resemble the taste of water. In contrast, we meticulously select unique lettuce varieties not available in most stores. Thanks to our proprietary nutrients and lighting, our plants boast vibrant colours, compact size and exceptional health.

It's nice to be able to leave my indoor growing for a few days. How long can I leave the Terrace Pro without tending to it?

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  • We recommend checking your reservoir at least once a week for optimal growth of your plants, however, you can leave your Terrace Pro running on its own for up to 10 days during the more mature stages of your plants. Similar to how you would manage your houseplants.
  • Plan to harvest and reseed before leaving.

I see that the Terrace Pro is energy efficient. What’s the energy draw per month for the Les Verts Terrace Pro?

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  • 1,500 kWhr per year, or 120 kWhr per month for a 2-Level. In BC or Manitoba, this is approx. $150 per year.

Can I save money on my grocery bill by using the Les Verts Terrace Pro?

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  • It costs approx. $150/year in energy costs (BC/MB), plus seeds, grow media and nutrients. If you’re growing just lettuce heads, for example, your all-in cost including energy would be just over $1,000. With the price of lettuce at the grocery store, you’d also be saving about $1,500 per year with all the lettuce you’re growing (calculated at $4-5 per head).

How does the Les Verts Terrace Pro compare to other indoor growing systems available?

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  • There are several features that make the Les Verts Terrace Pro a preferred indoor growing system. These include:
    • Flexibility to grow what you want, how you want – adjustable heights for each level, open grow areas for customized plant placement. Select from our curated seed varieties, nutrient blends and grow media, or use your own.
    • Capacity – grow up to a head of lettuce per day (or equivalent). This means that you can grow delicious greens to eat with your family, share with your friends and neighbors, or sell within your community.
    • Simplicity – Our Terrace Pro is delivered with all of the materials and information you will need to successfully grow delicious and nutritious greens and herbs for your family and friends.
    • Size/Space Requirement – With a tidy 2 foot by 4 foot (length by width) footprint, the Terrace Pro can easily fit through doorways and takes up little floor space compared to other indoor growing systems.
    • Quality Inputs – we’ve curated only the best growing media, seeds and plant nutrients.
    • GrowHow – at Les Verts Living, we stand behind our growing systems with industry-leading technical and growing advice. We are growers too are every product that we introduce has been vigorously tested in our Research Facility.  If it doesn’t meet our strict standards, it isn’t offered to our customers.  And because we are growers first, we can offer great marketing and sales support too!

Is there a warranty on the unit?

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  • We offer a full money back guarantee within 90 days of receiving your unit if you are not completely satisfied. Unit must be returned in working order without damage.
  • Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.
  • Les Verts Living will provide packaging and shipping instructions.


Do I have to buy refills from you? Can I use my own?

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  • Growers do not need to purchase refills directly from Les Verts Living.
  • Les Verts Living has worked hard to make purchasing refills easy and cost effective.
  • Please note that at this time, only stone wool growing media is recommended for use in the Terrace Pro system (to ensure the proper function of the hydroponic system).

How much time do I need to devote to growing with your system?

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  • 2 hours for initial set-up and planting
  • 15-30 minutes, once a week for maintaining the reservoir, harvesting and planting, plus checking on young plants every few days to see if they need watering.
  • 1 hour for deep cleaning, once every 2-3 months.

Can I use the Terrace Pro with soil as a nursery to start my plants?

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  • Yes! The versatility of the Terrace Pro is that it can be used for many crops and crop stages.
  • Seeds planted into the AO stone wool product can easily be transplanted into various other growing systems once seedlings reach the appropriate size.

Where should I place my Les Verts Terrace Pro?

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  • The Terrace Pro can be placed in any space where the ground/floor is level and plants will be protected from excessive temperature fluctuations (ideal temperature range is 14 – 28 C)
  • For optimum management, a source of clean, potable water nearby will facilitate filling the nutrient reservoir (garden hose).