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We live in a connected yet disconnected world.

We’ve become detached from the origins of our food and even from each other. Les Verts Terrace Pro goes beyond being a growing system – it’s a pathway to reconnecting. Reconnect with the food you eat, reconnect with others, and rediscover your roots.

Know where your food comes from:

Redefining the salad's journey

Have you ever thought about the journey of a simple salad? From lettuce varieties trucked in from thousands of miles away to berries imported from distant continents, the environmental impact of our food choices is significant. Les Verts lets you take control of your food’s origins and know exactly where it comes from.

Year-round growing:

The joy of freshness, always in season

With Les Verts’ Terrace Pro, the ability to grow fresh, gourmet greens knows no bounds. Our custom lights are designed to produce the highest quality greens all year round, delivering the deepest reds and crisp summer greens, grown for taste, not for storage. Say goodbye to imported, lackluster lettuce from grocery stores. Embrace the taste of homegrown produce that rivals the flavors of a warm summer day.

Grow food more sustainably – be part of the solution.

Join the sustainable food revolution with us. By using 95% less water than traditional outdoor growing methods, requiring 75% less fertilizer, and eliminating the need for pesticides or sprays, you can make a substantial impact on environmental sustainability. Contribute to a greener future and reduce your carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation while enjoying the benefits of fresh, homegrown food.

Grow local and taste the difference

Experience the true essence of farm-to-table by growing your own food year-round and harvesting it right before your meals. Enjoy the superior taste, exceptional quality, and unmatched freshness of locally grown produce.

Take back food production from Big Ag:

Empowerment for grassroots growers 

Small-scale agriculture holds the power to transform our food systems. Les Verts empowers grassroots growers to take control of food production and challenge the dominance of Big Ag. Embrace a decentralized approach to farming and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable food future.


of leafy greens in North America are grown in California.

Take control of your food supply:

Tired of lettuce recalls and the risk of contamination from grocery store produce? Remove food safety concerns by growing your own produce year-round.

Mitigating supply chain disruptions 

Seventy five percent of leafy greens in North America are grown in California. Supply chain disruptions have become more prevalent, exacerbated by climate change impacts (for example, trucking costs, CO2 pollution, droughts affecting supply, storage time affecting quality). By reducing reliance on distant sources and mitigating the effects of disruptions, you can ensure a steady, fresh food supply for you and your community.

Minimize food waste and have freshness at your fingertips

Forty percent of food is wasted. Having fresh produce at your fingertips means it stays fresh longer, even after harvest. Minimize the staggering cost of food waste, say goodbye to wilted lettuce and embrace the satisfaction of using what you grow.

No more garden envy:

Transform unused spaces into thriving indoor farms

Your existing space is the “best farmland”. No arable land is required to grow your own fresh produce. The Terrace Pro allows you to turn any space into a thriving farm, nurturing plants and fostering sustainable food production. Embrace the opportunity to grow your own vibrant garden, regardless of your living situation.