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Les Verts Living collaborated with the Vancouver School Board and non-profit organizations, Growing Chefs Society and Fresh Roots on an Indoor Hydroponics project to educate students about indoor growing through use of the Terrace Pro indoor garden.

The system was intended to act as a tool to teach students about a myriad of subjects, including:

Plant and gardening tool icon


Plant in windowsill icon

Indoor growing and hydroponics

Seedling being put in the dirt icon

Starters for outdoor growing

Spoon in front of bowl with leafy greens icon

Meal prep and cooking

Leafy greens next to three containers


From the Educators' Perspective:

Two women in front of a Terrace Pro holding bunches of lettuce/herbs
Close up of a growing tray filled with leafy greens in a restaurant
Woman smiling in a kitchen wearing an apron and holding a bunch of leafy greens

“Les Verts Living Indoor hydroponic gardens are a great hands-on teaching tool for educators to use in conjunction with their curriculum. These gardens are perfect for students to engage in the exciting experience of growing their own food. By witnessing grow from seeds to delicious plants, students can learn through hands-on experience. They also enjoy the final product by using the plants to help create meals! Students can also transplant seedlings into their outdoor garden beds. These hydroponic gardens have the potential to transform students’ classroom science learning experience.”

(Tathatli Urueta, Fresh Roots Youth Program Manager)

“The Terrace Pro has made a strong impact on the students, and I’ve really witnessed student engagement grow across the weeks. We had our largest turn out at the Garden Club last week with students who are all showing care, interest and creativity with the Terrace Pro, which they affectionately still call Greta the Garden!”

(Hope Rapp, Growing Chefs educator)

From the Students' Perspective

Meet "Greta the Garden"

Students voluntarily attend a Garden Drop-in session once a week in their regular science classroom to learn about and grow with the Terrace Pro. They plan and log their activities weekly, then assist in harvesting and creating a meal with the Growing Chefs’ LunchLAB chef.

The first week, the students named their Terrace Pro, “Greta the Garden”.

They were asked to write on a post-it note what they were excited about when the school got the Terrace Pro. One student wrote, “I’m excited to see how this compares to regular outdoor gardening and if it could be better.” 

Two hands close up planting seeds in Les Verts growing blocks

Students plant lettuce together

Soaking the growing blocks in water

Soaking blocks

Planting herbs

Spreading seeds over a foam tray

Planting microgreens

The students noted how efficient growing indoors is, and how it is a nice complement to the outdoor gardening they get to try at their school. They also noted how the produce has so much more “taste” than usual.

Schools and community organizations across Canada are gaining access to grants to fund a Les Verts system to integrate with their learning programs.

Contact us to learn more about what grants might be available in your province and for help with applying.