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At Les Verts Living, we are growers first.

Since 2018 we have been growing delicious and nutritious gourmet greens for our friends, family, and community at our dedicated Innovation Centre in Winnipeg, MB. Over the years, we have tried many different growing approaches, innovative technologies, and production systems. We’ve talked to the experts, made a few mistakes, and learned a lot about growing indoors. With each learning, we’ve developed a list of what to do’s and what not to do’s. We know it’s not an industry norm, but we are happy and proud to share our experiences with our customers. This GrowHow approach means you can trust Les Verts to deliver growing systems, products, practices and techniques that have been tested, vetted and given our own Green Thumbs up.

Curated for you – the seeds of success

Take a few minutes to look through a seed catalogue (online, or the old-fashioned print version) and the sheer number of varieties within any crop can become overwhelming. We’ve felt that too! Over the years, we’ve evaluated over 100 varieties of lettuce, herbs, brassica crops (Asian Greens), microgreens, and blends of so many different greens that we’ve literally lost count. From this extensive evaluation, we’ve hand-picked a list of seed varieties that we’ve grown to love (and that our families keep asking us to grow!). Each seed product we offer has been tested for taste, texture, production ease, overall quality and yield. This means that when we offer a seed variety for your system, it’s a proven winner. We source our seeds from North America’s leading seed suppliers, assuring us and you of their high quality and optimal germination.


And as part of our innovative platform, we continue to test new products so that each season, we can offer you new proven performers.

More Crops Coming Soon!

Want more out of your Terrace Pro than leafy greens and living herbs? We’ve been working hard at the Les Verts Innovation Centre to expand our list of curated seeds for our customers. Expect to find some new curated seed offerings in the near future – including salad tomatoes, specialty peppers and snap peas. Check back often or signup here for updates.

And our support doesn’t end there! With each curated seed product, you’ll get instructions on how to plant, transplant (if necessary) and harvest each variety for optimal taste and performance. That’s why it’s called GrowHow!

More seed options, more flexibility

Want to use your own seeds? No problem. Our indoor gardens offer you the flexibility to use your own seeds. To ensure that your seeds will be a fit with your system, be sure to refer to the package for variety details. You’ll want to ensure your plant will fit within the growing tiers, so look at the plant height indicator on the package. You should aim for compact plants that do not exceed 45cm (18in) when fully mature. Additionally, timing of harvest should also be considered. Each seed package lists the days to maturity. Knowing how long your crop will take from planting through harvest will allow you to plan your production space more efficiently.

The Greens Growth Formula – Proven Nourishment

We all enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal – and hey, your plants do too. To ensure that your plants are happy and nourished from planting through harvest, we have developed a 3-step plant nutrition package we call the Green’s Growth Formula.


Each product within the Greens Growth Formula is sourced from leading plant nutrient (also called “fertilizer”) manufacturers and are made to the high-quality standards demanded by greenhouse and indoor growers. These water-soluble fertilizers ensure that plants get the nutrients they need from planting through harvest.


Delivered as a dry formula, the highly water-soluble Green Growth products can be easily added to your growing system when needed. And we’ve taken the guesswork out of that decision too. Each Terrace Pro comes with a hydroponic starter kit that includes your Nutrient Monitor (EC meter) and guidelines on the range that is right for each crop. Simply follow the steps we have provided in our Growing Guides, nourish your crop, and thrive on the delicious and nutritious produce you’ve grown.

Did you know that hydroponically grown greens can be more nutritious?

A nutritional study published recently claimed that hydroponically grown produce was higher in certain vitamins than field grown produce. The study was carried out in San Jose, California, by Plant Research Technologies Incorporated. Several varieties of tomatoes and sweet peppers were tested for vitamins A, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin C and vitamin E. The study showed a dramatic increase in vitamins and minerals in hydroponics, in some cases up to 50% higher vitamin content.


In-house studies conducted by Les Verts Living showed that for each of the key minerals, our hydroponically grown lettuce consistently had 1.5 – 2X higher concentrations of key minerals like zinc and magnesium compared to field grown lettuce. Zinc enhancement has recently gained importance in world food efforts to improve vision in children.

Answers to Your Questions

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