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The Terrace Pro was developed over 6 years by grassroots growers looking to improve upon the indoor hydroponic growing systems available in the market. Each feature of the Terrace Pro is thoughtfully designed to enhance user efficiency, comfort, and productivity. At our Innovation Centre in Manitoba, we continue to work with leading technology suppliers to ensure that the indoor growing system we build makes growing both easy and efficient.

Industry-Leading Grow Lights

In any indoor growing system, lights are easily the most important (and most costly) feature. We worked with leading horticultural lighting experts to develop the right spectrum for optimizing taste, texture, vibrancy, and production of leafy greens. The result is an industry-leading LED with an eye-pleasing output that minimizes power consumption. Each tier of the Terrace Pro features fully integrated LEDs that can be easily programmed to meet your growing needs, meaning no more messy cords or running lights when they are not needed.

Integrated Airflow

At Les Verts, we strive to create a natural environment for plants, without the stress of outdoor growing. Fans mounted directly onto each tier of the Terrace Pro mean plants can grow more naturally, and canopy conditions are optimized. Indoor growers no longer need to seek out separate airflow systems or deal with messy electrical wiring with our fully integrated fans.

Sturdy Frame – Adjustable Shelves

The Terrace Pro’s patented frame design ensures easy access to all growing areas for user efficiency and ease of cleaning. Plan your production based on mature plant size, and never struggle with plants growing into lights again with our adjustable shelf height feature.

Growing Trays – Optimized Space

Our patent-pending tray drainage design moves the plumbing to the back and out of the way. This means more room for growing and easy access for cleaning. These user-friendly trays are sturdy and made from 100% recycled plastic.

Programmable Timer App

Create a consistent growing environment for your plants with our easy-to-use programmable timer. Set the timing for your lights, pumps, and fans easily and from your smartphone. Follow our growing recommendations for the timing intervals that are right for your plants to optimize production harvest after harvest.

Compact design and attractive appearance

The Terrace Pro fits seamlessly into any home or office décor and thanks to its compact design, you won’t need special hookups or additional HVAC requirements, and your growing supplies and plumbing lines are accessible but out of sight.

Easy-access large capacity reservoir

makes nutrient management simple and efficient.

Spend less time filling, balancing and cleaning your hydroponic reservoir and more time enjoying your ultra-fresh and nutritious greens! 

High production capacity

The Terrace Pro delivers high production capacity compared to other indoor gardens. With our curated Seed Options and Greens Growth Formulas, growers can average a head of lettuce per day in the Terrace Pro. Prefer baby leaf, Asian greens, or fresh herbs? The Terrace Pro delivers these in abundance.


Production based on recommended growing plans and inputs from Les Verts Living.