Fresh Harvest Grow Kit



This kit is designed to reduce your trips to the grocery store or the work in your outdoor garden. It includes an assortment of our most popular leafy greens, and is INCLUDED with your purchase of the Terrace Pro indoor garden:

Four varieties of living lettuce (Green Crisphead, Red Oakleaf, Red Butter and Green romaine-type) – 32 heads

Three different living herbs (basil, dill and parsley) – 14 bundles

Gourmet Microgreens – 4 trays

Zesty Baby Asian Greens – 2 trays

Premium Baby Leaf Lettuce – 2 trays

Enough for 3 months of bountiful harvest in the Terrace Pro indoor garden. Enjoy a meal size salad with all the trimmings every other day!


What’s included:

1 x Seed packet Green Crisphead lettuce
1 x Seed packet Red Oakleaf lettuce
1 x Seed packet Red Butter lettuce
1 x Seed packet Green Romaine-type lettuce
50 x Starter plugs (for lettuce germination)
48 x Large grow blocks
1 x Seed packet Compact Genovese basil
1 x Seed packet Fernleaf Dill
1 x Seed packet Italian Largeleaf parsley
20 x Small grow blocks
1 x Seed packet Gourmet Microgreens
1 x Seed packet Zesty Asian Baby Greens
1 x Seed packet Premium Baby Leaf Greens
8 x Grow mats

Greens Growth Formula (A, B and C, plus scoop)

Enough for 3 months of bountiful harvest in the Terrace Pro indoor garden! (2 months in the 3-tier system or 6 months in the Terrace)

You’ll also get:

  • Step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re successful with each planting.
  • All professional-grade growing supplies – rigorously tested by the Les Verts Living research team for successful indoor growing.

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Seed Variety Information

Green Summer Crisp

Discover a dense head of bright green wav y leaves with our Green Summer Crisp lettuce. Excellent flavor and firm texture make this variety a great base for any salad. In addition, this variety offers consistent growth across a range of temperatures. Pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Red Oakleaf

Dark cherry leaves with a bright green centre create a vivid backdrop for any leafy green dish. Plus, the great flavor and a lobed texture makes our Red Oakleaf lettuce a hit with our foodie friends. Consistent plant size makes this variety a good fit in any indoor growing system. Pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Green Romaine-Type

This romaine/green-leaf cross is the perfect variety for growers struggling with Romaine lettuces under LED lights. Our Green Romaine-Type variety offers exceptional leaf texture and high leaf count. A rich green leaf with Romaine flavors makes this variety a popular choice with growers and consumers. Pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Sweet Red Butter

Red supple leaves with a delicate buttery flavor make this variety a consistent hit with salad lovers. Attractive at any growing stage, the round base and rosette leaves offer indoor growers an all-around proven performer. Pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Compact Genovese Basil

Dark green cupped leaves with traditional Genovese flavor and aroma, this slow-bolting compact basil variety delivers uniform plants with high yields well-suited for live plant hydroponic production. Pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Fernleaf Dill

This slow-bolting dwarf dill variety offers dense dark green foliage with excellent flavor and aroma that is well suited to hydroponic growing.


Flatleaf Parsley

Featuring large dark green leaves with outstanding flavour, this Italian Large Leaf parsley variety with strong upright stems is high yielding and an excellent choice for hydroponic production systems. A multi-pelleted seed makes for easy planting.


Gourmet Microgreens

A popular, vitamin-packed mixture of kales, mustards, and other cabbage-family seeds.


Zesty Baby Greens

Umami wow! You can actually taste wasabi in this zesty mix of Asian greens featuring mustard, cabbage and mizuna crafted for baby green production. Infuse your dishes with a hint of spice, vibrant colours, and that certain “Je ne sais quoi.”


Premium Baby Leaf

A dazzling blend of the best baby leaf varieties available, including oakleaf, romaine and other leaf lettuces for outstanding visual impact and flavour.